If you would like further information on any of our projects, please send an enquiry to the project owner via the Contact page.

  • A2B

    A2B Trip Planner

    True multimodal trip planning, with the integration of real-time information, such as predicted travel times, incident information and transit updates.

    Project Owner: Ashish Bhaskar
  • Bikeway

    Bikeway App

    Designed for the devoted or casual cyclist, this app will help you to plan, compare and understand cycling routes in Brisbane. Watch the news report here.

    Project Owner: Aleksei Grebenshchikov
  • CIS

    Commuter Info Service (CIS)

    Utilising Open Data, weather station and emergency services feeds, and social media, CIS is a free email alert system with personalised traffic updates.

    Project Owner: Marc Miska
  • Managed Motorway

    Integrated Managed Motorway System

    The Zone Recovery Strategy focuses on rapid congestion recovery to further improve ramp signalling systems, and quickly clear congestion in recovery periods.

    Project Owner: Rui Jiang
  • Jellyfish


    The Jellyfish combines model-free network descriptions of transport networks with sensor data. Standardised formats, accessible, affordable – a single point of truth.

    Project Owner: Marc Miska
  • Marlin


    Marlin is a stand-alone solution that allows the design and provision of multi-modal transport feeds through data mash-ups from various sources such as loop detectors, Bluetooth, social media and probe vehicles.

    Project Owner: Marc Miska
  • AI-Based Prediction

    AI-Based Prediction

    Algorithms for the estimation and prediction of urban network traffic; matching the dynamics predicted by state-of-the-art traffic flow models with real-time data.

    Project Owner: Alfredo Nantes
  • Development

    In Development…

    We are working with our subscribers on many exciting projects. Contact STRC to discuss your concept or proposal.

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